Product Traceability System

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Our Mission

Castco Testing Centre has launched a Safety Mark testing and label authorization program to provide independent third-party testing services for any consumer product, so that savvy consumers have a deeper understanding of the product and help them purchase quality products with peace of mind.

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Service Targets and Benefits

For Manufacturers/Suppliers

  • Provide an effective promotion platform to introduce high-quality products to the market
  • Improve product acceptance and identify high-quality products
  • Promote high-quality shopping culture and strengthen consumers’ sense of belonging
  • Responsibility for reducing product risk

For Consumers

  • Enhance consumers’ awareness of products and assist them in purchasing high-quality products
  • Improve consumers’ awareness of product quality and safety
  • Satisfy consumers’ the “right to know” and safeguard consumer rights
  • Enhance the shopping experience and make consumption more at ease

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