Privacy Policy

1. When you browse the website of “Castco” (see below for definition), it means that you understand, agree and accept the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”).

2. Definitions. In these “Terms and Conditions”, unless otherwise specified or the context otherwise requires,
2.1. “Applicable Law” means all applicable provisions of the ordinances, rules and regulations of any government agency, regulatory body or supervisory authority, and all applicable provisions of any other applicable law;
2.2. “Castco” refers to Castco Testing Centre Co., Ltd., a private company limited by shares established in Hong Kong;
2.3. “Hong Kong” means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
2.4. “Trademark Owner” refers to KMR Limited, a private company limited by shares established in Hong Kong, which is also the owner of the ” ” trademark (“trademark”);
2.5. “Product” refers to the following products: Products with a “trademark” attached to the product or its packaging or container (“product materials”);
2.6. “Product provider” refers to the person who requires “Castco” to test the “test sample” (see below for definition);
2.7. “Test result” refers to the test result displayed on this website, which is the specific result of a specific test conducted on the “test sample” by a “product provider” and “Castco”;
2.8. “Test sample” refers to the “product” sample that “Castco” has actually been tested at the “Castco” inspection station.

3.The limitation of ”test results”.
3.1. The “test result” only reflects the “test sample” and does not reflect any “products” other than the “test sample”;
3.2. If you rely on any of the following assumptions, that is, the “test results” reflect any assumptions (“hypotheses”) of any “products” other than the “test samples”, especially if you allow any “hypotheses” to affect your purchase or not to purchase a product. If you make a decision about the “product”, then you are at your own risk of relying on the “assumptions”, and “Castco” shall not be held responsible for any such “assumptions”; and
3.3. Except for “Castco” expressly mentioning on this website that it has performed a specific test on a “test sample”, “Castco” does not make any statement that it has performed any other tests on the “test sample”.

4. Trademark. You declare that you are aware of the “trademark” on the “product” or “product materials”:-
4.1. It is designed and used by a private company, the “trademark owner”, and is not a certification mark registered under the Trademarks Ordinance (Chapter 559 of the Laws of Hong Kong); and
4.2. It only means that “Castco” has performed a specific “test” on the “test sample”. To know the results, you must refer to the “test results” on this website. “Trademark” has no other meaning. In particular, “trademark” does not represent or imply that a “product” can be used, taken or eaten safely, nor does it represent or imply that a “product” complies with any “applicable law” or has been registered under any “applicable law” Or register.